Arte Fora do Museu, selected by Bolsa Funarte de Reflexão Crítica e Produção Cultural para Internet in 2010, was launched in 2011, in São Paulo, starting with the maping of works of art that are in the city’s public space. Made by Felipe Lavignatti and Andre Deak, the brand reached, only in 2012, a 10 million people audience, including spontaneous exposure from different tv channels, newspapers and magazines.

Reaching beyond the site, this iniciative for the valorization of public art has become a transmediatic narrative: it became an app, an itinerant exhibition (Bienal de Arquitetura, Vivo Art.Mov, Sesc), a multimedia and maping production workshop (universities, Sesc, schools), it has videos that are distributed on the web and on online tv channels (Netmovies), and projects like printed guides, tv series and documentaries.

Awards and selections

Bolsa Funarte de Reflexão Crítica e Produção Cultural para Internet (2010)

NONABIA – Bienal de Arquitetura (2011)

VivoArte.Mov (2011)

Won the Cartografias Colaborativas edital, from Ministério da Cultura (2012)

Curatorship for Google Street Art Project (2013)

Curatorship and exhibitions at subways for the Cultura Inglesa Festival (2013)

Invitation for the X Media Lab Transmedia (Switzerland, Lausanne, 2013)

TEDxMauá (2013)

First place prize for Web’s Got Talent da W3C (2013)


Faça download do template e use como quiser: GitHub Arte Fora do Museu

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